Team of Consultant


The Moon Aluminium Engineers and Consultancy Services (MAECS), is quite efficient and competent in the field of consultancy for aluminium extrusion and alloy ingoting projects. All consultants have also profound knowledge in extrusion and alloy ingoting processes. The team of MAECS is very confident and motivated and the outcome of their inexorable endeavour in various spheres of processes and activities are reflected in their executions.

MR. ACHARYA being an integrated person ensures success as a project consultant and demonstrates extensive experience in his execution. His outstanding leadership and guidance ensure to complete the project successfully within the stipulated time frame.


  1. Determining the scope of project through consultation and investigation.
  2. Analysing the strengths, weaknesses and risks of the project plans. The improvement possibilities are also recommended to rectify the same.
  3. To identify project parameters like plant and machinery and detail specifications.
  4. Performing cost calculations and co-ordinating budgets with financial department.
  5. Allocating personnel and resources for the project.
  6. Collaborating with the team members to set realistic project targets and timeframes.
  7. Guiding the team and monitoring the progress made with each project stage.
  8. To facilitate suitable interventions to prevent costly delays.
  9. To update the project owners about the project progress.
Mr. Siddhartha Debray
Chief Consultant
A diploma engineer (B.O.A.T) in electrical & mechanical engineering and B.Sc from C.U having 34 years experience in Aluminum Extrusion Industry. Vastly experienced...
Mr. Raghunandan
Consultant - Solar Photovoltaic Technology
RAGHUNANDAN- Solar Photovoltaic Technologist with expertise in System Design-Application Engineering and Technology Development...
Mr. Neeraj Jagadish Tewari
Techno-Commercial Consultant
Mr Neeraj enjoys more than 28 years of rich Industrial experience, carries excellent knowledge on Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium Alloy Ingot, Iron Casting...
Mr. Venkatesh S. Kulkarni
Technical Consultant
He has strong base in Electrical Engineering area through hard work and dedication to the jobs assigned to him. He wants to be master in different fields...
Mr. M. Nagendra Kumar
Maintenance Consultant
Dr. Samiran Bhattacharyya
Automation Consultant
Mr. Subrata Dey
Technical Consultatnt
Mr. Nihar Ranjan Acharya
Commercial Consultant
Mr. S Dharmakrishnan
Technical Consultant