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ISO 9001

It is the internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard, that can benefit any size of organisation. Designed to be a powerful business improvement tool, ISO 9001 (QMS) certification helps to

  1. Continually improve, streamline operation and reduce costs.
  2. Win more business and compete intenders.
  3. Satisfy more customers.
  4. Be more resilient and build a sustainable business.
  5. Helps to build strong corporate governance.
  6. Work effectively and efficiently with stake holders and supply chains.
Operational Consultancy

ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION PROJECT- Depending upon the capacity of production and processes to be adapted, equipment is to be finalised. The entire process of extrusion passes through different stages, which are as follows:

REMELTSHOP:- An important process for melting of aluminium ingots and scrap in melting furnaces to produce aluminium logs in desired sizes.

Logs are homogenised in a homogenising furnace in order to improve the grain structure. NDT methods are followed to allow defect free logs/billets for extrusion. Billet cutting machines are installed to cut the aluminium logs into billets in desired lengths.

EXTRUSION- Extrusion is a metal forming operation to convert aluminium billets into desired shapes through an orifice or die by Hydraulic pressure. The capacity of the Extrusion press depends upon the size of billets (diameter) to be extruded. Before extrusion, the billets are needed to be heated at a certain temperature by Induction Billet Heater (IBH) or by Hot Log Shear which can be operated either by induction or by gas. Several ancillaries are required after extrusions namely R.O.T (Run Out Table) consisting of Initial Table, Walking Beam, Transfer Table, Inspection Table and Stretcher. Die Pre-Heater is also needed to be placed near the press.

After inspection of the profiles with regard to their shapes, sizes and dimensions, they are placed in an Ageing Furnace to obtain the desired hardness.

After ageing, the profiles are bundled and packed as per customers’ specification and despatched.

It is also very important to carry out Quality checks in a full-fledged laboratory equipped with modern digital instruments like Universal Testing Machine, Brinell cum Vickers Hardness testing machine, Spectro Meter for chemical analysis, Ultrasonic flaw Detector, Conductivity Meter and different Metrological & Metallurgical equipment etc. In Extrusion industry, stringent and rigorous testing is mandatory for achieving the desired quality and surface.

TOOL ROOM- Modern tool rooms equipped with conventional and CNC Machines such as milling, drilling and other operations. Die correction and Die Making are of great importance in order to achieve good surface and accurate dimensions of the profiles. For making of Die, EDM and Wire Cut machine are essential to be installed. The quality of the Die Material (Hot Die Steel) must be of top quality which gives rise to substantial Die life.

Alloy Ingot Project

In the present world, Alloy Ingot making is a very demanding and profitable venture. Alloys like LM6, ADC 12 etc are in great demand in automobile industries.

The process of making Alloy Ingot is not as complex as Aluminium Extrusions. The raw material is melted in Skelner Furnaces and the molten metal is casted in the form of Ingot in an Ingot Caster Machine. After casting, Ingots are bundled and dispatched.

Software Solution

Moon Aluminium provides complete software solution for Aluminium Extrusion & Alloy Ingot Industry. We have a dedicated team of software engineers who are continuously designing software suitable for Aluminium Extrusion industry. The team has huge industry experience to customize software for any requirements.

It is a process of designing applications which meet the specific needs of the company. From the procurement process to despatch of finished goods and all commercial and technical processes are covered with comprehensive details.

The team is dedicated for designing software related to:

  1. We provide End-to-End Software Solution which includes all the process/module between Sales Order to Desaptach and Invoicing.
  2. Providing customized solution as per the requirement of the company.
  3. Continuous ongoing support.
  4. Research and Development on aluminium industry software system.
  5. Upgradation and update of the system for existing clients.
Personal Training Session (PTS)

We provide personal training session to individuals or a group of employees to develop skills, abilities to design safe and deliver effectively in their respective job. The training comprises of varying degrees of knowledge by going through different level of training. Personal training is always beneficial to push the employees and boost performance in their respective field.

We provide personal training session to the new entrepreneur techno-commercially to run industry efficiently.

Downstream Project

It is an important way of value addition to the end product. We provide necessary guidance to our clients to generate more profits by diversifying a bit. In Aluminium Extrusions, Draw Bench Machine, Bar Straightening Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Motor and Pump Body Cutting Machine etc. are extremely conducive for earning more profits. In modern Aluminium Extrusions, downstream processes are very crucial and effective means to grab business.

Human Resource Management

Human Resources are the most precious of all resources. In a general way, Human Resources are the people and their characteristics at work either at the national level or the organizational level. From the national point of view, Human Resources are Knowledge, Skills, Creative abilities, Talents and Attitudes obtained in the population. From the view point of an organization, Human Resource represents the people at work. They are the sum-total of the inherent abilities, acquired knowledge and skills as exemplified in the talents and aptitudes of its employs. The Human Resources of an organization include all individual engage in various organizational activities at different levels vis-à-vis skill requirement to specific job.

The Human Resource Management that aims to improve the productive contribution on individuals while simultaneously attempting to attain others societal and individual employee objectives. The Human Resources Development improves always the utilisation value of an organization. The effective performance of an organization depends not just on the available resources, but its quality and competence as required by the organization from time to time. Moreover, the efficiency of production process and various areas of management depend to a greater extent on the level of Human Resources engaged. We provide competent Human Resources vis-à-vis key functionalities based on the actual requirements of an organization. Basically, we select the candidates by considering their psychological position, educative background and valid experience in the similar field.