From The Desk of Advisor

The Moon Aluminium Engineers and Consultancy Services (MAECS), is quite efficient and competent in the field of consultancy for aluminium extrusion and alloy ingoting projects. All consultants have also profound knowledge in extrusion and alloy ingoting processes. The team of MAECS is very confident and motivated and the outcome of their inexorable endeavour in various spheres of processes and activities are reflected in their executions.

The MAECS has been able to make a tangible foothold in its field and this is possible because of their ability to visualise the course of developments that are taking place globally. Their efforts facilitated many organisations to be able to be known as a marque in the relevant field.

The role of a chief project consultant for organisation that are highly project oriented or even project based.

The Advisor is responsible for all project oriented operations and the principle responsibilities of my role are:

  1. Establish a governance system for projects, programmes and assortments. The governance of projects, programmes and portfolios should be an integrated part of the organisations for overall governance. The control of framework should integrate across the projects, programmes and portfolios within the organisations and incorporate the requirements of other participating organisations where necessary.
  2. Directing all activities in the field of projects, programmes and portfolios. To ensure that all project charters are aligned properly to the strategy and to provide a transparent picture of the actual status of all project functioning.
  3. I have the responsibility for shaping a project friendly culture in the organisation and actively supporting all people involved in the projects and programmes. The Advisor is the “Voice of Projects”, helps to outline a project in order to improve the performance of the projects and helps to balance the Matrix-Organisation.
  4. As a leader, it’s my responsibility to motivate the other Consultants and rise up to the occasion in case of any adversity.